1989 Suzuki RM80, RM125 and RM250 Brochure

Time for another classic brochure from my personal motocross collection. This one covers the all-new Suzuki RMs for 1989. For my money, these are some of the prettiest Suzuki’s ever built and still look better than 90% of the bikes on the track. #YellowMagic 1989 Suzuki RM80, RM125 and RM250 Brochure

Pros At Practice and Play – 1989 Freestyle Motocross Video

Here is another classic from my personal stash of motocross VHS tapes. This one I picked up at Budds Creek in 1990 and really blew my mind at the time. Produced by Gary “The Professor” Bailey (stepdad of motocross icon David Bailey), Pros At Practice and Play was the first “free-riding” video I had ever…

The 1989 500cc Motocross Shootouts

Time for another couple of classic bike tests from my collection of motocross mags. These two cover the 500 class of 1989. One shootout is from the dearly departed Super Motocross magazine and the other is from the grand-daddy of off-road mags, Dirt Bike.   1989 Dirt Bike 500cc Motocross Shootout 1989 Super Motocross 500cc…

The 1964 Motocross Grand Prix Of Belgium from the Citadel of Namur

Here is some more really classic race action from my vault of motocross tapes. This one shows highlights from the Belgium round of the 1964 Grand Prix motocross season. Held at the historic castle of Namur, the Belgian Grand Prix remained one of the most unique races on the GP circuit into the 2000s. Enjoy.

1986 Honda CR125R, CR250R and​ CR500R Brochure and Magazine Ads​

Here is another couple of classics from my personal collection of motocross ads and brochures. This one covers Honda’s awesome 1986 CR lineup. In this year, the red bikes were by far the best bikes in pretty much every class and dominated in the magazines and on the track. Great bikes then and real classics…