The Worst Ads Ever

For my second article I looked at the ten gear ads I considered the worst in motocross history. This list actually turned out to be harder for me to do than the best. At first I was just kind of sarcastically making fun of them but my wife wisely suggested I tone down the sarcasm... Continue Reading →

The Best Motocross Ads Ever

Steve Matthes from RacerX Illustrated was nice enough a few months ago to ask me to write some articles for his web site I being a huge fan of Steve’s work was more than happy to do so. This article was the first one I did for I decided it would be fun... Continue Reading →


After years of encouraging my husband to 'find his voice,' he has finally listened. Tony always has something to say, about anything.  I have talked to him about being on the radio, having a podcast, blogging....  After writing a couple of articles for PulpMX and getting great feedback, he has finally decided to listen... to... Continue Reading →

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