The 1977 Trophée and Motocross des Nations

Here is a look back at Motocross Action’s coverage of the 1977 Motocross (500) and Trophée (250) des Nations. This year our team consisted of Kent Howerton, Tony DiStefano, Steve Stackable, and Gary Semics.

​1991 125, 250 & 500 National Motocross Season In Review

Here is another classic from my personal motocross vault, the 1991 national motocross season in review. Narrated by broadcast legend Larry Maiers, this VHS covers the 125, 250 and 500 Nationals from 1991. There are amazing battles all year between Damon Bradshaw, Jeff Stanton, Jean-Michel Bayle and Jeff Ward in the 250/500 classes and a titanic duel in the…

The 1982 Tokyo​ Supercross

Here is another classic Supercross from my video collection. This one is from Tokyo in 1982 and featured American motocross and Supercross stars Ricky Johnson, Broc Glover and Johnny O’Mara taking on the Japanese stars on their home turf.  

1996 Paris Bercy Supercross

Here is another classic from my personal video collection – the 1996 Bercy Supercross. In this one, you see the stars of the mid-nineties American motocross and Supercross do battle with Europe’s biggest stars in the tight confines of a Paris arena. The action is called by the classic team of Art Eckman and David Bailey.