Honda’s XR75, XR80 and CRF80 model history 1973-2013

In 1973, Honda launched their first mini-class racer, the original XR75. Using a 72cc four-stroke single, the XR was actually quite a performer for its time. At the time of its introduction, it was the most refined mini racer available and actually capable of besting most of its two-stroke competitors. Throughout the seventies, the XR remained Honda’s mini racing entry, but by the end of the decade, its performance was no longer capable of keeping up with its racier competitors.

With the introduction of the the CR80R in 1980, the XR’s focus would be shifted from racing to recreation. Over the years, it would receive suspension and chassis updates, but always retain the same basic four-stroke mill it had employed since its introduction. In 2013, the renamed CRF80F would finally be retired after forty years of production and replaced with the slightly larger CRF125F.

Honda’s XR75, XR80 and CRF80 models 1973-2013

If you prefer a video, here is a link to the video version from my YouTube channel

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