Inside Motocross Magazine Issue #1


Inside Motocross Issue #1 Full Magazine PDF

Here is issue #1 of the classic magazine Inside Motocross. Jim Hale of AXO Sports fame introduced Inside Motocross in 1993 with noted photographer Fran Kuhn at the helm. All told, they only produced 4 issues of the magazine before it was shut down due to pressure from inside in the industry (primarily due to pressure from Hi-Torque publisher Roland Hinz and Motocross Action editor Jody Weisel).

At the time, Inside Motocross was an incredibly innovative and groundbreaking publication. Unlike magazines like Dirt Bike, Motocross Action and Dirt Rider, Inside Motocross were focused on the personalities in the sport. It eschewed the traditional bike tests and race reviews, instead choosing to focus on telling stories through rider interviews and incredible photography.

Photography was the bedrock of InsideMotocrosss and probably more than anything, the feature that set it apart from the competition. The magazine itself was printed on high-quality photo stock and over-sized like a traditional coffee table book. Using the work of iconic photographers like Kinney Jones, Paul Buckley and Naoyuki Shibata, Inside motocross captured the beauty of the sport in a way no other publication has done since. At a time when most magazines were still using black and white for the majority of their photos, Inside Motocross was in full color and more glorious for it.

For this and the other issues of Inside Motocross, I have painstakingly gone through and scanned each page, then converted it into a PDF so everyone can read it. A link to the full issue #1 PDF is below. I have also embedded a link to the YouTube video I made in a classic commentary style where I go through the magazine page-by-page and add my thoughts and comments on the pictures, ads, and articles contained in issue 1.

I hope everyone enjoys this walk down memory lane.

Blaze out.



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