Classic Bike Review: 1989 Yamaha YZ250WR

A couple of years ago I did a Classic Steel over at on Yamaha’s first YZ250WR and I thought everyone might enjoy a video version as well. Classic Steel #108: 1989 Yamaha YZ250WR  

My 1996 Suzuki RM125

Here is a cool little gem I just came across when I was going through some of my old VHS tapes. It is a short video I shot way back in 1996 the night I brought home my brand new 1996 Suzuki RM125. This was the first brand new motocross bike I had ever bought…

The Top Ten Suzuki Motocross Models Of All Time

Here are my picks for the ten best-looking Suzuki motocross models of the last fifty years. I am including a link to my original YouTube video and the accompanying article I wrote with Steve Matthes where he adds his thoughts on my picks. Top Ten Suzuki Motocross Models – PulpMX

The History Of Honda’s Z50 Mini Trail Models 1968-1999

Honda Z50 Mini Trail History 1968-1999     If you would like to read more about the history of Honda’s amazing Z50, check out Jeremy Polson’s excellent book on the Mini Trails. Honda Mini Trail Enthusiast’s Guide   If you would like to contact Jeremy, you can reach him at