The 1996 Kawasaki KX Lineup

This is the brochure for Kawasaki’s 1996 KX60, KX80, KX125, KX250, and KX500.   1996 Kawasaki KX Lineup Brochure

1992 Sinisalo Gear Catalog

This is Sinisalo’s 1992 lineup featuring Jeff Ward, Shaun Kalos, Rex Staten, Larry Brooks, and Jeff Stanton   1992 Sinisalo Catalog

1986 Suzuki RM80, RM125, and RM250 Brochures

These are Suzuki’s brochures for their 1986 Motocross lineup. I have included both the US and Japanese versions for your reading pleasure.   1986 Suzuki RM80, RM125, and RM250 Japanese Brochure   1986 Suzuki RM80, RM125, and RM250 US Brochure

Yamaha’s Motocross Ads Of The 1990s

Here is the third installment in my Yamaha Motocross ad history series. This one covers Yamaha’s ads in my favorite era of moto, the 1990s. They had some really great ads in this era and I really enjoyed going back and looking at them. If you like this, make sure you check out part one…