The History of Honda’s XR500R and XR600R from 1979-2000

=This is my look back at the history of Honda’s iconic four-stroke racers the XR500, XR500R, and XR600R. From its introduction in 1979 through its retirement in 2000, the big-bore XR remained one of the most potent four-stroke racers available. Over its twenty-year run, the XR500R and XR600R captured wins in the desert out west…

Classic Bike Review: 1976 Honda MR250 Elsinore

This is a look back at Honda’s first 250 two-stroke enduro machine, the 1976 MR250 Elsinore. Based on the 1976 CR250M Elsinore, the new MR250 featured a CR-derived motor, chassis, and suspension with only the minimum off off-road gear needed for competitive racing. It was only manufactured one year and remains one of the most…

Honda XR250 & XR250R History 1979-2004

This is a look back at Honda’s iconic 250cc four-stroke Enduro machine from its introduction in 1979 through its eventual retirement in 2004.   1979 Honda XR250 history 1979-2004  

The History Of Kawasaki’s KDX175 & KDX200 Models 1980-2006

This is a rundown of Kawasaki’s KDX175 and KDX200 Enduro models from their introduction in 1980, until their retirement in 2006.   Kawasaki KDX175 and KDX200 1980-2006 full PDF   1980 Kawasaki KDX175  Photo Credit: Cycle World   Originally introduced for the 1980 season,  the first KDX175 was Kawasaki’s answer to Suzuki’s hugely successful PE175….