1981 Honda XR500R Test

This is a test of the all-new Pro-Link Honda XR500R by Dirt Bike magazine in 1981.   1981 Honda XR500R – Dirt Bike Test

Honda CR80R and CR85R History 1980-2007

This is my look back at the history of Honda’s iconic mini racers the CR80R and CR85R. Produced from 1980 through 2007, the CR80R was often at the head of the class and nearly always one of the fastest minis available. In 2007, Honda eventually retired the two-stroke CR85R in favor of the new four-stroke…

1983 Open Class Four-Stroke Shootout

Here is a real classic from when four-strokes were still the exception instead of the norm on motocross tracks around the globe. This shootout from Dirt Bike pits the 1983 Honda XR500R against the Yamaha TT600, Can-Am Sonic 500, and KTM 504. 1983 Open Class Four-Stroke Shootout

Classic Bike Review: 1985 Honda CR500R

This is my look back at Honda’s first liquid-cooled Open Class machine, the 1985 Honda CR500R. Feared for its potency and revered for its iconic looks, the ’85 CR500R may be the most powerful 500 Honda ever produced. After 1985, Honda strove to mellow out their 500cc beast and make it easier to manage. Big,…