Classic Bike Review: 1976 Honda MR250 Elsinore

This is a look back at Honda’s first 250 two-stroke enduro machine, the 1976 MR250 Elsinore. Based on the 1976 CR250M Elsinore, the new MR250 featured a CR-derived motor, chassis, and suspension with only the minimum off off-road gear needed for competitive racing. It was only manufactured one year and remains one of the most…

Honda XR250 & XR250R History 1979-2004

This is a look back at Honda’s iconic 250cc four-stroke Enduro machine from its introduction in 1979 through its eventual retirement in 2004.   1979 Honda XR250 history 1979-2004  

The History Of Kawasaki’s KDX175 & KDX200 Models 1980-2006

This is a rundown of Kawasaki’s KDX175 and KDX200 Enduro models from their introduction in 1980, until their retirement in 2006.   Kawasaki KDX175 and KDX200 1980-2006 full PDF   1980 Kawasaki KDX175  Photo Credit: Cycle World   Originally introduced for the 1980 season,  the first KDX175 was Kawasaki’s answer to Suzuki’s hugely successful PE175….

1978 KTM Motocross and Enduro Lineup Brochure

1978 KTM Lineup Brochure Over the years, I have accumulated a very extensive motocross and off-road brochure collection. I use these brochures in crafting my CLassic Steel articles fro and love going back and reading them from time-to-time. For me, I just love seeing how the bikes looked when they were new and looking back at…