1980 Mini Motocross Shootout

Time for another classic test from my personal magazine collection. This one is a shootout from Motocross Action comparing the 1980 Suzuki RM80, Yamaha YZ80, Honda CR80R Elsinore and Kawasaki KX80.   1980 80cc Mini Motocross Shootout PDF

Yamaha YZ80 and YZ85 History 1974-2019

Yamaha YZ80 and YZ85 History 1974-2019 These are Yamaha's YZ80 and YZ85 mini motocrossers from 1974 through 2019. I have put these together over several years of research and I think this is a comprehensive collection of Yamaha's mini motocrossers. The first link is of pictures of all the bikes, but I am also including the... Continue Reading →

1995 Yamaha YZ Promotional Video

Here is another classic from my personal video collection. This one is a really cool VHS promo tape that Yamaha used to send out in the mail in the days before internet video was common. This one is for the 1995 Yamaha YZ lineup and features Factory riders Jeff Emig and Mike Craig, as well as... Continue Reading →

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