My thoughts on another crazy Anaheim opener

Ah Anaheim 1, it was the best of times (Roczen), it was the worst of times (Stewart), it was another barn-burning season opener in SoCal. I mean really, what more could you ask for to kick off a series? We got the all-time, most awkward heat race podium speech ever (It was actually almost hard to watch. I know a lot of people will kill … Continue reading My thoughts on another crazy Anaheim opener


After years of encouraging my husband to ‘find his voice,’ he has finally listened. Tony always has something to say, about anything.  I have talked to him about being on the radio, having a podcast, blogging….  After writing a couple of articles for PulpMX and getting great feedback, he has finally decided to listen… to everyone else. Tony has a very easy writing style. Light … Continue reading Finally