AXO Sport America history

This is my look back at Jim Hale’s AXO Sports America. AXO was one of the most influential gear companies of the late eighties and early nineties. From the time of their inception in 1984 through their sale in 1998 they were one of the most high-profile brands in the industry. This is a look back at the brand through its amazing products in this … Continue reading AXO Sport America history

Fox Racing Motocross Gear History 1974-2000

Last year, I wrote a history of Fox Racing for where Geoffe Fox, Greg Fox and I went through the history of their iconic company through the ads they had produced over the last 40 years. I think it was a fun couple of articles and I think a lot of you out there enjoyed it. These days, however, I know a lot of people … Continue reading Fox Racing Motocross Gear History 1974-2000

Pros At Practice and Play – 1989 Freestyle Motocross Video

Here is another classic from my personal stash of motocross VHS tapes. This one I picked up at Budds Creek in 1990 and really blew my mind at the time. Produced by Gary “The Professor” Bailey (stepdad of motocross icon David Bailey), Pros At Practice and Play was the first “free-riding” video I had ever seen to this point and gave rise to a whole … Continue reading Pros At Practice and Play – 1989 Freestyle Motocross Video

Inside Motocross Issue #4

Inside Motocross Issue #4 Complete PDF   Here is the fourth and final issue of the iconic nineties motocross magazine Inside Motocross. This issue has a great interview with Damon Bradshaw only a week after announcing his retirement and spectacular coverage of America’s 13th consecutive victory at Schwanenstadt, Austria in the 1993 running of the Motocross des Nations. As always, there is more of the … Continue reading Inside Motocross Issue #4