1995 Honda CR80R, CR125R, CR250R and CR500R Brochures

Here are a couple more from my classic motocross brochure collection. These are are both from 1995 and cover the 1995 Honda CRs. One is from here in the US and the other is from our friends down under in Australia. At the time, I hated these purple CRs, but they have really grown on…

The 1982 Tokyo​ Supercross

Here is another classic Supercross from my video collection. This one is from Tokyo in 1982 and featured American motocross and Supercross stars Ricky Johnson, Broc Glover and Johnny O’Mara taking on the Japanese stars on their home turf.  

The 1985 Motocross Grand Prix of Japan

Here is another real classic from the golden age of motocross, the 1985 Motocross Grand Prix of Japan. In it, we see American hero David Bailey do battle against the best from Japan and Europe on incredible one-off works machines. Motocross never looked or sounded better.

Mickaël Pichon’s 1995 Splitfire Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX125

In 1995, Pro Circuit was tasked with turning the somewhat lackluster stock KX125 into a Supercross-winning firebreather. In stock condition, it delivered a solid midrange punch, but little else. On top, it was no match for Honda’s fire-breathing CR125 and on the track, it lacked the broad pull and excellent suspension of Suzuki’s RM125. While decent as…