Mickaël Pichon’s 1995 Splitfire Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX125

In 1995, Pro Circuit was tasked with turning the somewhat lackluster stock KX125 into a Supercross-winning firebreather. In stock condition, it delivered a solid midrange punch, but little else. On top, it was no match for Honda’s fire-breathing CR125 and on the track, it lacked the broad pull and excellent suspension of Suzuki’s RM125. While decent as a novice-to-intermediate machine, it was just not up to snuff for riders like Ryan Hughes, Mickaël Pichon, and David Pingree.

In this article from 1995, Dirt Bike magazine talks to Mickaël Pichon’s tuner Chad Watts (the same Chad Watts that would later go on to wrench Ricky Carmichael to several National and Supercross titles) about just what it took to transform the stock KX into a machine capable of winning championships. There is also a nice section where Dirt Bike test rider Shane Trittler gets to put a few laps on Pichon’s steed and give his impressions of the bike that won the 1995 125 East Supercross title.

Here is the article in its entirety, as it appeared in the June 1995 issue of Dirt Bike Magazine.

Mickaël Pichon’s 1995 Splitfire Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX125

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