Inside Motocross Magazine Issue #2

Here is issue 2 of The classic Inside Motocross magazine. Jim Hale of AXO Sport fame introduced Inside Motocross in 1993 with noted photographer Fran Kuhn at the helm. All told, they only produced 4 issues of the magazine before it was shut down due to pressure from inside in the industry (primarily from Motocross Action’s Jody Weise and Roland Hinz, who felt Inside Motocross was … Continue reading Inside Motocross Magazine Issue #2

Racer X Podcast: Guest Tony Blazier

      Back in 2015, I was lucky enough to be able to do a podcast with Steve Matthes for Racer X online. I have been working for Steve since 2011 and regularly write for his site In this podcast, Matthes and I talk about working for him, my crazy magazine collection, social media and restoring classic bikes. Enjoy. BTO Sports Racer X … Continue reading Racer X Podcast: Guest Tony Blazier