1979 Moto-X Fox Product Catalog


1979 Moto-X Fox Catalog

Here is another classic from my personal motocross collection. This is a catalog from Moto-X Fox in 1979. Today known as Fox Racing, Moto-X Fox was started by Geoff Fox in 1974 and has grown into one of the most successful brands in the motocross business.

If this wets your appetite for more Fox Racing info, make sure you check out the History of Fox Racing articles I did last year over at Pulpmx.com. In them, company founder Geoff Fox and I go through Fox Racing’s history year-by-year and look at all their products and ads.

Fox Racing History 1974-1989

Fox Racing History 1990-2000


One thought on “1979 Moto-X Fox Product Catalog

  1. Very cool Fox Racing history information! I had the great pleasure of modeling for the 81 and 82 Fox catalog. Jim Gianatsis was the photographer, great photographer, great guy, made it a lot of fun!

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