My 1990 Honda CR250R project

Back in 2015, I picked up a 1990 Honda CR250R to restore. The 1990 CRs were some of my favorite Honda models and over the years I have owned a CR125R, CR250R, and CR500R from that season. This particular one came from my buddy Nick McCabe at Racer X and it was in pretty good shape for its age.

Project ’90 PulpMX Installment 1

Project ’90 PulpMX Installment 2

Project ’90 PulpMX Installment 3

Project ’90 PulpMX Installment 4

Project ’90 PulpMX Installment 5

Over the course of about eight months, I took it down and rebuilt everything into a Jeff Stanton replica. I think it really turned out great. Here are a few of the updates posted at the time and links to the full installments I published over at


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