1983 Honda CR480R Retro Bike Review

As some of you probably know, I write classic motocross bike reviews for PulpMX.com. In them, I use my extensive classic MX magazine collection to look back at what people thought of a bike at the time of its introduction. As a lover of all things moto related, I really enjoy doing these and I thought it might be fun to try doing one in video format for you to enjoy.

For this first video review, I thought I would revisit one of those Classic Steels and do a video review of Honda’s groundbreaking 1983 CR480R. This is a bike I have actually owned two of and really enjoyed. At the time of its introduction, this was by far one of the best motocross machines Honda had ever produced and it remains a very popular vintage racer to this day.

Photo credits for this video include Honda, Stephan LeGrande, Motocross Action, Dirt Bike, MotoCross and, Cycle World, Suzuki, Kawasaki Yamaha and myself. If you enjoy it, let me know and I will try and do some other classic machines as well.


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