Honda ATC 250R History 1981-1986

This is a look back at the history of Honda’s ATC and the iconic ATC250R. The ATC250R was the first high-performance three-wheeler to feature full suspension a manual clutch and a powerful two-stroke motor. From its introduction in 1981 until its retirement in 1986, it was one of the best-performing ATVs available. Classic Steel #138: Honda ATC250R   Continue reading Honda ATC 250R History 1981-1986

1981 Honda ATC250R Test

1981 Honda ATC250R full test Here is a classic test by Dirt Bike magazine of Honda’s revolutionary new 1981 ATC250R. At the time, the 250R was a quantum leap in technology over any other ATV available. With a powerful two-stroke motor derived from the CR line and full suspension front and rear, the 250R gave rise to a whole new class of ATV. Today, every … Continue reading 1981 Honda ATC250R Test